Building Client Relationships using Emotional Intelligence

Using the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) framework, this course will provide you with a new perspective on the daily interactions with your clients and give you the tools to build genuine, mutually beneficial and lasting business relationships.

While this course is designed around building client relationships, the techniques and tools you will learn have the potential to enhance every relationship in your professional and personal life.

In order to successfully complete this course, participants are required to complete 11 activities (short answer) reflecting on their personal experiences, observations, goals and visions relating to the topic.


Following the EQ framework, this course is divided into 5 main topics:

1. Self-Awareness

    • Emotional self-awareness
    • Emotions vs Feelings
    • Identify your emotional triggers, strengths and weaknesses
    • Workplace stress and stressors
    • How to cultivate self-awareness

2. Self-Regulation

    • Turning a reaction into a response
    • Positive and negative emotional responses
    • Healing your emotional triggers
    • Stress management
    • Benefits of self-regulation

3. Motivation

    • What is motivation
    • Elements of self-motivation
    • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivators
    • Key elements to help you stay motivated

4.      Empathy

    • What is empathy
    • Four qualities of empathy
    • Nurturing your empathy skills

5. Building Relationships (Rapport)

    • What is rapport
    • Helpful behaviours for rapport building

Asbestos - Property Professional's Practical Guide

In this course, you will learn:

  • how to identify asbestos in a residential property
  • how to manage the process of removal and disposal correctly and in line with the NSW legislation
  • how to identify and engage certified professionals / consultants holding appropriate accreditation
  • about Government programs available for property owners


Topics covered:

  1. What is asbestos – history, types, physical properties
  2. Asbestos products found in residential properties
  3. Health risks – Who is affected – Health monitoring
  4. Manage enquiries & concerns with empathy
  5. Engage accredited & certified professionals
  6. NATA – Accreditation body & its role in asbestos removal
  7. Understand the asbestos identification & removal process
  8. Loose-fill insulation NSW Government programs available
  9. New legislation - implications for agents & managers
  10. Penalties for incorrect asbestos waste disposal
  11. Asbestos classification report sample